Plant Trailer GH

Plant Trailer GH

The GH range of trailers is the latest addition to our plant trailer range. GH models are of galvanized welded construction with leaf spring suspension ensuring they will withstand tough conditions.




The range comprises of four model options; GH64, GH94, GH94BT and GH1054.

The single axle GH64 is compact yet robust providing a neat and convenient trailer that can be towed behind a car, the 1230kg payload is designed for smaller items of plant such as micro-excavators.

The slightly larger dual axle GH94 provides an excellent payload of 2200kg and is ideal for users that have a restricted towing capacity on their vehicle.

A thick resin coated plywood platform (24mm) makes this trailer particularly suitable for carrying rollers as well as excavators.

The additional length of the trailer provides extra loading space behind the rear axle, which better suits machines with a more central centre of gravity, such as the increasingly popular range of one tonne hi-tip dumpers.

The length provides more space for carrying excavator buckets and caters for excavators with longer dipper arms.

The GH94 is offered with two tyre options (10″ & 13″). Models fitted with larger tyres are manufactured to a beavertail specification to retain the low loading angle of 13°.

The GH1054 is the largest of the GH models and offers one of the highest payloads ever produced by Ifor Williams Trailers.

Two self supporting knife edge ramp options are available on all GH models. The 3’9” mesh infill ramp (see opposite) provides the benefits of a full width ramp. The 4’9” bevelled ramp offers significant benefits when loading plant – As well as a 13° loading angle, the ramp is bevelled to help guide the tracks or wheels of the plant being loaded, which provides reassurance to the operator.

  • Resin coated plywood platform
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • GH Theardplate mudguards
  • GH Lashing points
  • GH Mesh filled ramp
  • GH bevelled ramp
  • Bucket rest
  • GH Spare wheel


  • Treadplate
  • GH Spare wheel
  • GH Winch kit


Tyres: 195/55R10C

Gross Weight: 1500kg

Unladen Weight: 270kg

Internal Length: 1.88m

Internal Width: 1.23m


Tyres: 195/55R10C

Gross Weight: 2700kg

Unladen Weight: 500kg

Internal Length: 2.79m

Internal Width: 1.31m


Tyres: 165R13C

Gross Weight: 2700kg

Unladen Weight: 530kg

Internal Length: 2.79m

Internal Width: 1.31m


Tyres: 185/70R13C

Gross Weight: 3500kg

Unladen Weight: 660kg

Internal Length: 3.04m

Internal Width: 1.62m